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Statement von TIE zum ECHA REF-4 Project Report „Harmonised Enforcement Project on Restrictions“ vom 13.2.2018, dem sich der DVSI als TIE-Mitglied vollumfänglich anschliesst

Toy Industries of Europe (TIE), representing reputable EU toy manufacturers, welcomes smart market surveillance actions.

There are strict toy safety rules in place in Europe and the ECHA initiative illustrates once again that rules alone are not enough: we need strong and effective market surveillance and enforcement of the rules throughout Europe.

Effective market surveillance helps to keep non-compliant toys away from children. It also helps to make sure that reputable companies, that go to great lengths to apply the EU’s strict toy safety standards, do not lose out to operators who choose to ignore the rules.   

We have reached out to ECHA for more information on the toys tested during the project. Results of other market surveillance actions, such as the Commission’s Rapid Alert System, are not representative of toys on the EU market in general. There is no need for parents to worry: reputable companies invest time and resources to make sure the products that they put on the market are safe for children to play with.


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